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Why pay for Netflix account when you can have it for free? There are hundreds of free NetFlix accounts online that you can use. Once you have received the email and the password, you can change them and keep the account as long as you want. Netflix is a DVD subscription service that originated in the U.S. and expanded to Canada, UK, the Caribbean, South America and parts of Scandinavia. The service includes one month trial on both DVD and instant media streaming through mail option. Now, how can you find and get free NetFlix account online?

There are two ways on how you can get free Netflix account online. The first option is to start a Netflix free trial. You can stream Netflix right from your PC and watch discs through a DVD player. These days, Netflix offers instant media streaming for all user accounts even if you only watch DVDs on your player. You can also stream Netflix right from your TV set and connect it with the internet. You can stream Netflix on your game console and internet activated Blu-ray player.

After streaming Netflix on your preferred media, go to and sign up for a free one month trial. After the one month trial, you can cancel your subscription if you don’t want to pay for and receive Netflix.

Anonymous Netflix free trial is one of the best ways to get a free NetFlix account online. First, you have to get a pre-paid credit card at you favorite supermarket or local gas station. Just keep in mind that an anonymous free Netflix account only works with a computer. Application on gaming consoles requires you to keep the same billing information as well as email address each month after your free one trial has ended.

The next step is to open your email account that you want to use for your free Netflix account online. Go to and sign up for free trial and then click the Start your Free Trial button. You’ll need to enter a new email address along with a new password right on the first page and then click Continue. On the second page, you’ll have to enter the prepaid card information at the billing section. Follow the on-screen instructions until you have finally signed up for a free one month trial. But, you will need to cancel your subscription if you no longer want to receive Netflix after the trial has ended.

There are lots of websites that offer free Netflix account online giveaways. These accounts are claimed to be legit and easy to download as well as to use. Because of these free Netflix accounts online, millions of people are watching Netflix for free. Some of these accounts promise that you can change the username and password and keep it for free. But, some accounts will not work if the username and password have been changed. These free Netflix accounts online allow you to watch Netflix for life without having to pay for subscription.


You’re just sitting back, while some are fretting about regular costs and enjoying the truly amazing suggests that Netflix provides.

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